25 JULY 1840, Page 7


The Dublin Mouitor says that "it has been determined to allow the vacant Chief Baronship of the Exchequer to be tilled up according to the established custom of her promotion. Mr. Brady will, theretbre, be time new Chief Baron; Mr. Pigot, Attorney-General; Mr. Sergeant Moore, Solicitor-General; and Dr. Stock will be the new Sergeant."

The Irish papers are filled with reports of meetings for the Repeal of the Union ; at which Mr. O'Connell continues to repeat his former speeches. At the meeting held in Dublin on Tuesday, after a long out- pouring of the usual topics, he read the first report of the Committee on the mode in which the Union was carried, and the resistance given to it by the people of Ireland. This report was for the most part corn-

posed of copies of resolutions passed at different meetings in Ireland while the Union was in agitation, expressing the feelings of the people against the measure.

Accounts from Ireland represent the poor and labouring classes of that country to be suffering the utmost distress, through scarcity of food , and want of employment. The deficient supply of last year is nearly exhausted ; and owing to the inclemency of the weather, not only is an immediate relief from the growing crop out of the question, but most gloomy forebodings are entertained as to the remoter prospects of the harvest.--11/orning Chronicle.