25 JULY 1840, Page 7

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The election for East Cumberland took place on Monday ; when gr. Charles Howard, son of the Earl of Carlisle, was returned without a contest, but certainly not without opposition, as the crowd were most vehement in their expressions of dislike. The correspond- eat of the Morning Post at Carlisle says- ame people scented to be absolutely infuriated against the Ministers. Nei- ther the proposer, nor seconder, nor candidate, was suffered to say a word. placards were hoisted m the crowd on sticks with an inscription of The a Whigs taught the people to agitate, curd then imprisoned thew,' They gave .0,000/, of the people's money to build stables for the Queen,' and many 'ethers of a like description. The crowd afterwards broke into the Town-hall, into which the candidate and his friends had retreated ; but after some parley they were allowed to pass out without injury."

The election of a Member for West Starry, in the T00111 of the Honourable Captain Pereeval, now Lord Arden, is fixed Ibr the 31st. The only candidate at present announced is Mr. John Trotter, who will have the support of the Conservatives.

The Kentish Gazette says that the state of Lord Albert Conyngham's health will in all probability cause a vacancy to be shortly declared in the representation of Canterbury. The Birmingham Advertiser states, " on the first authority, that Sir Eardley Wilmot does not intend to withdraw from the representation of the county at tine next election."

Sir Charles Lemon contradicts a statement of his intention to with- draw from the Western division of the county of Cornwall.

On Tuesday, the electors of Stoke-upon-Trent, Maslen), Hanley, Shelton, Fenton, Lane End, and Longton, gave a grand dinner at the last-mentioned place to Mr. Ricardo, the Liberal candidate for the re- presentation of the Potteries.