25 JULY 1840, Page 8

A return to the House of Commons of the mimes,

addresses, and residences of Justices of the Peace, being ministers of the Established Church, makes the total number :Wove 2,000. They abound most in Norfolk and Suilblk. In the farmer there are 102 reverend Justices of the Peace, and in the latter not fewer than Iii.

Our readers, particularly our sporting friends, may not be aware, and will perhaps he surprised to find, that by the addition lately made to the Assessed Taxes of the kingdom, the duty on game.certificates is increased. In future it will he charged as ft:Rows—duty, dl. 13s. Gd. ; 10 per cent. increase, 7s. 4t/. ; collector's fee, Is. ; total, 41. Is. 104 six carriages in Hyde Park, and by half-past six there were earn:, by shoals of vehicles, which came pouring in front all quarters. Anesit hundred. Within a short half-hour the drive was completely inundated the first arrivals, we remarked the Marquis of Anglesey, At six o'clock on Monday afternoon there were not more mountedthli fire ve n'at his beautiful little bay cob : the Marquis was accompanied by 1,01.4", Paget ; and on their arrival at the end of the drive the father and app were greeted with a remarkably courteous salute from Prince iesect and the Duke of Nemours, who had just entered the Park, The Dac de Nemours was mounted on a superb Chesnut mare ; his Royal iligh ness Prince Albert rode a very neat little bay colt. The Due de NE, sours appeared overwhelmed with astonishment at the number aq beauty of the fair equestrians and brilliant equipages. Its lovely Dutchess accompanied her Majesty, who drove for a Ion time about the Park. Ifer ,Majesty came as usual in her carriage and four with out, riders and Equerries. The Royal carriage was followed by another t containing her Ladies in Waiting. The Queen, as well as her beautifs guest, appeared in excellent health and spirits. The Royal and yeussid ladies never ceased laughing from the moment they entered the drive ed. til they were whirled out of it.—ellorning Post, July 21.

The Ornithological Society have presented to Prince Albert a pair of beautiful ortolans, which were hatched by steam at the Eccaleiobion,

Mr. Charles Barry, the architect of the new Houses of Parliameat has had several interviews with Viscount Duncannon and the Boma. able Mr. Commissioner Charles Gore on the sulject of laying the foundation-stone of the buildings for the Lords and Commons ; andir has, we understand, been definitively arranged that the ceremony lsto t be postponed until early in the ensuing year, when it will probably ts laid by her Majesty. Mr. Barry stated to the Commissioners that the Houses will be completed by the commencement of the session The workmen, of whom there are nearly 500, are still employed under the contractors in constructing the Speaker's house, Usher of the Black Rod's, and Parliamentary offices; which by the end of the present year will, in the opinion of the architect, be twenty or thirty feet from the basement.—Thnes.

The Reverend Connop Thirlwall has been appointed Bishop of it, David's. This elevation to the Episcopal bench will give very general sa. tisfitetion. The new Bishop has long held a high rank among the scholars and divines of England ; and when his unbending integrity and firm. ness exposed him to persecution in the University of which he was the boast, the bestowal of a valuable living on bins by Ministers was gene. rally viewed as a proper aid seasonable exercise of patronage. Theft will be but one voice throughout England as to the propriety of this appointment.—Hominy Chronick, July 22.

We have been given to understand that the Bishop of Winchester would by the Farnham Rectory Bill have gained a piece of patronage of 2,800!. a year.—Murning Chronic/c.

Tuesday's Gazette announces that Lieutenant-General Sir Howard Douglas and Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Kerrison have been ap- pointed Knights Commanders of the Bath.

Arrangements have been made by Lord Segrave, with the Marquis of Normanby, to raise a troop of Yeomanry Cavalry, to be selected trout among his Lordship's tenantry in the vale of Berkeley, and to be commanded by the Honourable Grantley Berkeley, M.P. for West Gloucestershire.—Brislul Gazette.

The Earl of Durham has given up Earl De Grey's mansion in the Isle of Wight, and is now residing at the Earl of Belfast's. The sea. air having been beneficial to his Lordship, it is said the funnily will reside there until September.