25 JULY 1840, Page 8

At the Leitrim Assizes, last week, an action was brought

by Lord Westmeath, against one of his tenants named Hogg, for breaking seve- ral covenants in his lease of a tract of land in the county of Roscommon. It was the object of the plaintiff to bring the system of conacre hus- bandry within the meaning of the Sub-letting Act. The action was tried before Mr. Justice Crampton and a Special Jury ; and lie directed them to find a verdict for the plaintiff on the covenant of sub-letting, subject to the decision of the superior courts. The Judge was a long time de- bating with the Jury before they would return such a verdict.

John Rogers, Patrick M'Donnell, and three others, who pleaded " guilty" to the indictments for Ribbonism at Leitrim Assizes, were sentenced to two years' imprisonment and hard labour. Nine other persons were sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment with hard labour, for similar offences.

At the'Down Assizes, on Saturday, a fellow named Lyons was found guilty of perjury, in having sworn informations against three persons, for a conspiracy to murder the Marquis of Downshire and burn his Lordship's mansion. The informations were taken by a Magistrate, who afterwards discovered that no such persons as those against whom he had sworn were in existence.

A convictiou of a similar kind took place a few days ago at Macroont, county of Cork.

At Waterford, a man named John Moore was indicted for the murder and robbery of Edward Cushin, and fbund guilty. Bills were ignored against him at last Assizes for the same offence ; but fresh evidence having appeared, he was arrested on his way to Chatham to join the East India Company's service, into which he had irdisted.

A circumstance of a novel and amusing nature occurred on Friday in the County Court, before Mr. Sergeant Green, while trying an appeal from a decree obtained by a person named Margaret O'Brien v. Keat- ing, a minor. Mr. Freeman was engaged on the part of O'Brien, the applicant : and having been handed his instructions in court, conceived lie was employed for the other party, and accordingly showed that the defendant was a minor, and consequently not liable to be decreed. His Lordship agreed with the learned counsel ; and the rule was about to be taken down, when lie was informed by Mr. Darcy, the attorney for O'Brien, that lie had been "in the wrong box ;" and, amidst the laughter of the Court, in which his Lordship joined, he very gravely cm:me:wad upsetting his own argument, and quoted several cases in support of his new position. 1 le had, however, done the 'business too effectually' in the first instance ; and his client was accordingly non- suited, after a very entertaining scene.--Lhaerich Chronicle.