25 JULY 1840, Page 8

The magnificent steamer, the President, said to be the largest

afloat, arrived at Passage at eine o'clock on Thursday evening, after an expe- rimental and delightful trip of six or eight and twenty hours, against a powerful head-w hid, from Liverpool. Her approach to Cove and up to Passage was bailed whh the firing of cannon, the discharge of fireworks, and the acclamations of thousands of spectators, assembled from the neighbouring districts to winiess and welcome this moving wonder in naval architecture. The salutes on shore were answered by the Presi- dent in prompt style; sad having come to ant hor opposite the St. George Steamer Company 'e pier at Passage, the vast concourse of peo- ple with which the beach m■ as ert■wded gave three hearty cheers, whilst rockets mai other firewerks wsee diseharged in abundance. She sails this evening at five for IS iii.2stown.—C,rk Reporter.

Saturday tit, 15t1u Atiaust is appointed for the launching of her Majesty's ship London, :,2 guns, at Chailenn. She will carry on her lower deck six net-pounders and re may °sirs. 32-pounders, on the main deck four G;;-pounders and thirty ;3-j antlers, of the tipper deck twenty-six 32-pottuders.

The British Queen, front London to New York, was spoken with on the loth, in latitude 47, longitude :32.

The Middiesex transport, which has been renorted lost, arrived in safety at Sydney. Eight con v lets died on the pass:tele—G/06e. The receipts 01' the railroad from London to Southampton, for the week ending on the loth thstant, were, 7.C28/. 14s. DO.