25 NOVEMBER 1905, Page 1

The suggestion of the Times that the Liberals will suffer

serious discredit by refusing to take office . is the merest political clap-trap. The country fully appreciates the position, and will, we are convinced, consider that the proper .course will be for the Liberals to wait to form their Administration till the electors have definitely decided in their favour. Had the Liberals produced the break-up of the Ministry, there might be something to be said for the view that the responsibility for the deadlock rested with them. As it is, Mr. Balfour and Mr. Chamberlain must sweep up their own messes. The Cabinet is meeting as we write, and presumably will come to a definite decision. Possibly the plan adopted will be an offer of resignation, and when that cannot take place, owing to the refusal of the Liberals to come in, an immediate Dissolution. No doubt that would be very inconvenient, though in no sense impossible or illegal; but Mr. Balfour may think it good tactics to tell the country that the inconvenience to which it is put is due to the wickedness of the Liberals. The proper plan would, of course, be for the Ministry to carry en till after Christmas, and to dissolve in the first week in January.