25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 1

Mr. Bennett's Offer We feel that the Prime Minister is

taking the right line in not refusing to discuss Mr. Bennett's proposal for reciprocal Preferential tariffs. We imagine that Mr. Snowden, if he had his way, would treat the proposal as forbidden. ground. Surely even from a general Free Trade point of view, which is our own, there is nothing to be lost by discussion. People here may not understand the needs of the Dominions, but it is equally true that the Dominions do not wholly understand ours. An honest exchange of fad and opinion will show what is practicable and what is not. If the Free Trade case is sound it has nothing to fear. Anyhow we would rather make conces- sions here and there than seem to be indifferent to agree- ment. -The'Prime Minister need only insist upon the truth that the onus of proof rests upon those who want a change. . * * * *