25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 15


In a brief reference last week to that very remarkable book, The Future of Farming, by Mr. Orwin (Oxford University Press. 5s.)I said something about his sketch of the mechanized farm. Since writing that I have seen the most persuasive example within my experience of the value of the new machines when scientifically used. For the sake of contrast two scenes from neighbouring farms have been photographed. Each makes a notable and pleasing picture. In one, live men are engaged with twelve heavy horses. In the other two men are engaged with one machine. The five men and twelve horses ploughed between five and six acres a day. The two men with the machine ploughed and sowed fifteen. The machine is a live-furrowed plough with a drill attached. The ploughing and the sowing are done by one and the same process and the harrows succeed. The plough had a strong headlight affixed, and by aid of it work was continued at suitable times from sunrise till 9 p.m. with a double shift of workmen on the model of a factory in times of strong demand.

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