25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 15

The appearance of the fibre is most convincing. It is

very delicate and peculiarly soft to touch. The amount contained in one pod is large. The first pod sent to me was opened in a very still atmosphere, and the few threads that escaped hung absolutely in one place, neither rising not falling. The phenomenon gave a queer impression, as if a streak of the air had turned solid. A considerable quantity of the fibre has just been sent to sonic specialists in Manchester, who were much interested in the first sample received last year. It is of course too early to say whether the discovery of the plant is of high economic importance—indeed, is of any economic importance—but it is at least interesting botanically and gives prima fade evidence that the botanic wealth of the world has not yet been fully tapped, and that real wealth is as likely to exist in a plant as in any mine beneath the earth or perhaps any power in the sea.

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