25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 15

Those who have seen such efficient speed in operation cannot

but feel that here is the dens ex nmchiva indeed, who shall resolve several agricultural difficulties that seem insoluble. Mr. Orwin's charge against almost all present fanning policies is that they emphasize continuously and exclusively the need of raising the price of the product by artificial means. The better line of action is to increase elliciency and lessen the price of production by fuller use of new mechanical methods. The solution lies in the economics and organization of the farm rather than in the fiscal pleas urged upon Parliament by the N.F.U. as well as more a priori critics. The scene of this latest experiment (which is adorned by many ingenuitics that are too technical for discussion here) is a district of Wiltshire, not very far from those uplands which exhibit one of the very worst examples in Britain of the counsel of despair, expressed by the destruction of farm buildings, the wastage of villages, the substitution of weeds and thin grass for clean ploughland or dairy pasture. W. BEACM THOMAS.