25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 2

Mr. Baldwin and Lord Beaverbrook Mr. Baldwin seems to have

" won on points " in his latest encounter with Lord Beaverbrook. This is, however, by no means the universal verdict. Some commentators say that the mere fact that Mr. Baldwin took the trouble to answer Lord Beaverbrook's " challenge " proves that, being miserably conscious of his own weakness, he could not risk finally alienating Lord Beaverbrook. An interpretation of Mr. Baldwin's action which strikes us as better is that he saw an oppor- tunity of hitting Lord Beaverbrook and seized it in the ordinary way of public controversy. Lord Beaverbrook issued his challenge on Monday at South Paddington. He said that in accepting Mr. Bennett's offer he was willing to leave the interpretation of it to the Dominion Prime Ministers themselves, but would Mr. Baldwin also do that ? If he would nothing would stand in the way of Lord Beaverbrook's return to the Unionists.

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