25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 3

Miss A. M. F. Cole

Miss A. M. F. Cole, the well-known conductor of the campaign against the exportation of worn-out horses, died last week. It is impossible to think of this frail brave woman without deep feeling. She was indeed cast in the heroic mould. Many years ago, when she became aware of the traffic in old, blind and crippled horses, she tried to persuade the R.S.P.C.A. to take action against the diabolical inhumanities with which the trade was carried on. She was dissatisfied with what the R.S.P.C.A., in the lethargic mood of those days, was prepared to do, and she formed her own society--the International League Against the Export of Horses for Butchery. To this work she devoted the rest of her life. She con- tinuously overtaxed her strength, and was working in her office to within a few hours of her death. She met with many disappointments. A particular abattoir in Paris promised again and again to introduce the humane killer, but although she inspired a gift to the abbattoir of plenty of humane killers and ammunition the traditional methods of slaughter prevailed. She was in Belgium during the War, and was sent to prison by the Germans on a charge of secretly helping the Allies. Seldom has there been a larger triumph of spirit over body.

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