25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 3

The Outlook in France

All of use desire to sympathize with M. Briand, who has been ill since he returned from Geneva. The debate on foreign affairs will be one of the first items in the programme of the Chamber, and it is reported that M. Tardicu will, if necessary, postpone the opening of the session until M. Briand is well enough to attend. In the meantime the tone of the Press suggests that recent events have unhappily stiffened the French official attitude to disarmament. On Sunday, M. Tardieu told a gathering of ex-Service men that the " policy of organized peace had proved disappointing and that henceforth France would have to rely upon her own strength." It is not merely that the opponents of M. Briand are using European restlessness as a stick with which to beat his foreign policy. The politicians of the " Left " themselves, notably M. Leon Blum, have abandoned the more progressive line which they were disposed to follow a few months ago.

• * * *