25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 3

Towards Agricultural Co-ordination

The International Institute of Agriculture has just celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. At the tenth

Assembly, which concluded on Monday, there was some indication that the Institute, which has been under a cloud, may yet contribute adequately to international co-operation at Geneva. A proposal by the British dele- gation in this sense was unanimously carried. It is to be hoped that the United States will resume a connex- ion with the Institute which was broken off a year or two ago owing to disagreement with the President, Signor de Michelis, on matters of internal organization. Signor de Miehelis did very valuable work in the Second Committee of the League Assembly this year, and if he can reawaken the confidence of Governments in the Institute the League will have at hand a unique source of documentation. The co-ordination of research into the agricultural—which is the fundamental—aspect of the world economic crisis is urgently needed. A resolution was passed that the question of the international wheat trade 'should be referred to a second World Wheat Conference in 1932 after thorough examination by the Institute. This is far too leisurely. The signs are that the League will have to grapple with this question within the next twelve months.

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