25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 42

So many people are now taking a lively interest in

our Roman sites that there should be a large demand for Mr. R. G. Collingwood's Archaeology of Roman Britain (Methuen, 10s.). Nothing better could be desired than this lucid, well. arranged and trustworthy conspectus of what is now known about the roads, camps and forts, the Wall, the towns and villas, and the inscriptions and smaller objects which the Roman masters of Britain left behind them. The chapter on the Wall and the two long chapters on Samian and other pottery are especially valuable, as they embody much new matter. Mr. Collingwood is well known for his learning and enthusiasm in this field of study, and his book will inspire others to follow in the steps of F. J. Haverfield and Sir George Macdonald. The illustrations are numerous and useful.