25 OCTOBER 1930, Page 45

General Knowledge Questions

Oyu weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to Miss ConStance Bickersteth, Tavistock, Devon, for the following :-

Questions on Saints

I. Which saint is represented with (a) a swan, (b) a lion, (c) two otters. (d) mice

2. Who-was made a Bishop seven days after his baptism ? 3. Who was- S. Augustine's mother ?

4. Who was the patron saint of (a) shoemakers, (b) cripples 5. of (r) sailor*, (d) pilgrims:, (a) prisoners ?

6. In what year was the Alleluyah Victory won and who led the victorious side ?

7. Who was called the Angelic Doctor ?

8. Who was converted by seeing a stag with a cross between its antlers 7 0. To whom are churches on hills commonly dedicated ?

10. Who is said to be the child that Christ showed to the disciples as a type at humility ? 11. What Bishop mended the broken eggs of a country woman ? 12. To what saint are the greatest number of English churches dedicated

13. Of what city, outside England, is S. George the patron saint Answers will be found on page -012: