26 APRIL 2003, Page 31

Serial Chancellor

From Mr Henry Keswick Sir: William Shawcross ('Pax Americana',

12 April) was quite right to point out, in his excellent Harkness Lecture, the stream of thinly disguised anti-American vitriol coming out of Commissioner Patten's office in the European Commission.

The letters pages of your same edition show the correlation between old Eurotrash and the anti-war movement.

No doubt if he had been in the House of Commons, Commissioner Patten would have joined George Galloway, John Gummer and Kenneth Clarke in voting against the successful liberation of Iraq.

The US Congress has rather startlingly voted against giving any reconstruction contracts in Iraq to France or Germany. Perhaps they will now wish to table another motion suggesting that charitable donations to the great University of Oxford should be suspended while the new serial Chancellor is in his post.

We are now awaiting Commissioner Patten's unelected and unaccountable views on Syria.

Henty Ke.swick London EC3