26 FEBRUARY 1921, Page 15


GAIETY.—Vas Betrothal- . . . . . . . . 8.16-9,15

[A Maeterlinck musical comedy.]

LORDONPAVILION.—London, Paris and New York 8.16-2.80 The last act of Andromaque by players from the CoMddie Francalse hag been thrown in ; but Racine mimed -is not Racine.

ST. MARTIN'S.—The Wonderful Visit . . . . 8.15--2.30 [A dramatization by Mr. St. John Brvine of Mr. wews novel, in which the angel goad to stay at the vicarage.] .1aTTLE THEATRE.--The London Grand Guignol 8.15--2.30 [Still very good, though with not quite so well-arranged a programme. Miss Sybil Thorndike. however. Is still strangling her Russian genets] and Mr. masa Theradtke Is sun In the condemned cell.]