26 OCTOBER 1850, Page 11


the week, declined slightly on Tuesday and Wednesday. A considerable sensation was created yesterday by an article in the Times upon the unex- pected meeting of the Cabinet Council the day before. The opening price of Consols was from i to per cent below the price of Wednesday ; and as con- siderable sales for the Account occurred, the price went down 1 per cent,—to opening quotation of 97 fen. Money and 971 for Account. Business was 97 both for Money and Account; rallying before the close of business to the continued long after the usual hour; and as some confirmation to the state-

The English Stock Market, which had been firm at the commencement of


ment of the Times was given by an article in the Globe., Consols declined to 97 ; thus marking a fall of 1 per cent from the highest price of the week. Quite a different feeling appears to prevail this morning. The opening price of Consols was 971 1; and after some fluctuation, the price reached 971 for Money, and closes at 971 for Money and 971 for Account.

In the Foreign Market, the transactions, with the exception of those in Peruvian and Mexican Stocks, have been inconsiderable. There was a ge- neral disposition for speculative investments in these Stocks ; which, how- ever, received a check upon the decline of the English Funds yesterday. These, in common with almost every variety of Foreign Stock, were then quoted lower than at the beginning of the week. The transaction; how- ever, were not of a very important character ; and the altered condition of the market was made apparent rather by an indisposition to buy than any urgent desire to sell. Today quotations are nominally higher ; but the in- disposition to business still continues, and we cannot hear of any large

barAar Ilailway Share Market was firm at the commencement of the week, and up to Wednesday afternoon prices were generally advancing. With the change in the English Funds an alteration in Railway Shares occurred, and in almost every case prices fell back the whole of the advance that they had made on the three previous days. The decline has continued today, and the mar- ket closes at lower quotations than yesterday, without the appearance of any reaction. The French Shares have been largely dealt in this week, especially those of the Northern of France and Pans and Strasbourg Railways. There was a good demand for them up to Wednesday afternoon, but a decline of Ifie. per share occurred yesterday : at which depreciation considerable busi- ness was done ; the principal buyers being brokers, who generally act for


foreign houses. The market is rather firmer today, with few transactions ; but no material advance in prices has occurred. SATURDAY TWELVE o'Caoca.

The English Stock Market opened heavily, the first price of Consols being 97 1 both for Money and Account. The Government broker however, having bought stock, the closing quotation of yesterday has been reesta- blished, and after being at 971, the price is now 971 both for Money and Account. There is no change or business of importance occurring in the Foreign Funds or Railway Shares ; many of the following quotations must therefore be considered nominal.


The English Fonda close at a decline of 1 per cent upon the morning's prices ; the reported march of the Prussian troops into the territory of Hesse- eftwlbe'ng the exciting cause of the depression. Consols have been done at 961 for Account, and close at 961 97- both for Money and Account. In the. Foreign Market, the transactions have been confined to the following- Equador, 31; Mexican, 31 6- ; Peruvian Deferred, 36 1 1; Russian Four- and-a-half per Cents, 97 1.1 ; Dutch Two-and-a--half, 58; Ditto Four per Cents, 891 89. Quotations are generally from 1 to 1 per cent lower than in the morning, but the business has been unimportant.

There is no material change in the Railway Market, which is heavy; the quotations of today, with but one or two excepions, being lower than those of yesterday. The following are the principal bargains recorded—Am-

bergate, Nottingham, and Boston, 81 Caledonian 81 1; Ditto New 101. Preference, 5 ; Eastern Counties, 61.; Great Noern, 14 131; Great Western, 701; Lancaster and Carlisle, 61. 2 ; Lancashire and York- shire, 4811; Ditto Fifths, 21 1; London and Blackwell, 7/ ; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 831; London and North-western, 1171 1 1 1; Ditto New Quarter-shares, 191 1 ; Ditto Fifths, 151 ; London and South- western, 691; Midland, 42f 21; North British, 76; Ditto Preference 41; Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, Ili 1 ; South-eastern and Dover, 201 1 ; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 171 11; Ditto Extension, 121 1 ; York and North Midland, 231 1 1; Central of France, (Orleans and Vier- zon,) 8 n; East Indian, 91 1; Namur and Liege, 71 ; Orleans and Bor- deaux, 21 ; Paris and Rouen, 241; Paris and Strasbourg, 71. Mines- CoRia 41 ex div.; United Mexican, 61 71. Joint Stock Bank—Provincial of Ire d, 43. Peninsular and Oriental Steam, 791.

3 per. Cent Consols 961 97 Danish 3 per Cents 78 8 Ditto for Account 961 97 Dutch 21 per Cents 571 8 3per Cent Reduced ........96 1 Ditto 4 per Cents 881 91 31 per Cents 971 98 1 Mexican 5 per Cents 1846.. 311 f

, Long Annuities 71 13-16 Peruvian 6 per Cents 81 4

Bank Stock 210 212 Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842. 331 4 Exchequer Bills 65 68 Fun. Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824. 76 8

India Stock 267 269 Russian per Cents 109 LI

Brazilian 5 per Cents 89 91 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents. 181 1 41 per Cents 91 3 t Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 391 6 per Cents 102 4 'Venezuela 321 31

Danish 5 per Cents 99 101 ! '