26 OCTOBER 1850, Page 18


Wsa-orvica, Oct. 22.-3d Regt. Drag. Guards—Cornet A. Hunt to be Lieut. by purchase, vioe Lawson, who retiree. 17th Foot—Lieut. .7. B. Gardiner to be Capt. by purchase, vice Reader, who retires ; Ensign W. Lewes to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Gardiner. 29th Foot— Lieut. H. G. Colvin to be Adjt- vice Farrington, pro- moted. 54th Foot—Lieut. E. Neville to be Capt. without purchase, vice Poulett, dec.; Gent. Cadet R. B. Stokes, from the Royal Mil. Coll. to be Ensign, without purchase. 61st Foot—Lieut. R. C. Dudgeon to be Capt. without purchase, vice Fitsmayer, dec.; Ensign J. Crawford, to be Lieut. vice Dudgeon; Serg.-Major W. Dowler to be Ensign, vice Crawford. 71st Foot—Ensign IL C. Browne to be Limit. by purchase, vice Fartescue, who retires; Staff-Assist.-Burg_ W. Simpson, M.B. to be Assist.-Surg. vice Jane, who exchanges. 84th Foot—Ensign F. J. G. Saunders to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Horan, appointed Adjt. ; Lieut. T. Horan to be Adjt. vice Month, dec.; Gent. Cadet W. W. Knollys, from the B.oyal Mil. Coll. to be Ensign, vice Saunders.

Royal Canadian Rifle Regt.—Major P. W. Taylor to be Lieut.-Col. by purchase, vice Muter, who retires; CapL Percy Hill to be Major, by purchase, vice Taylor.

Hospital Staff—Assist.-Surg. M. A. Jane, from the 71st Foot, to be Staff-Assist.. Surg. vice Simpson, who exchanges. Orem% or ORDNINCE, Oct. 18.—Royal Regt. of Artillery—First. Lieut. S. Robin- son to be Sec. Capt. vice Lawrence, dec.; Sec. Limit. H. Heberden to be First Lieut. vice Robinson; First LieuL M. S. Biddulpb to be Sec. Capt. vice Dedsworth,

re- signed; Sec. Lieut. T. C. Molony to be First Lieut. vice Biddulph ; First LieuL H. A. Vernon to be Sec. Capt.. vice Gichard, retired on ha 'f--pay; Sec. Limit. G. B. Garvey to be First LieuL vice Vernon.

WAR-OFFICE, Oct. 25.--4th Regt. of Foot—Capt. G. F. Harrison, from the 84th Foot, to be Capt. vice Madigan, who exchanges. 17th Foot—Ensign W. H. Earle to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Sewers, who retires. 47th Foot—Ensign S. Pilking- ton to be Lieut. and Adjt. vice Sinnott, promoted; Bergt.-Major C. Finnerty to be Ensign, vice Pilkington. 50th Foot—Lieut. A. C. K. Lock, from the 3d West India Regiment, to be Lieut. vice Kingsmill, who exchanges. 67th Foot—Limit. H. L. Hunt has been allowed to retire from the service by the sale of his commission; Gent. Cadet G. T. IL Atchison, from the Royal Mil. Coll., to be Ensign, without purchase. 78d Foot—Capt. G. Benny, from the 5th Foot, to be Capt. vice Brevet Major T. Prior, who retires upon half-pay 5th Foot. 84th Foot—Capt. J. A. Mea- gan, from the 4th Foot, to be Capt. vice Harrison, who exchanges. 87th Foot— Second Lieut. A. Steuart to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Gregoreon, who retires.

8d West India Regt.—Lieut. P. W. Kingsmill, from the 50th Foot, to be Lieut• vice Lock, who exchanges. Brevet—Major-Gen. Sir J. Grey, K.C.B. to have the local rank of Lieut.-Gen. in the Army in the East Indies.