26 SEPTEMBER 1998, Page 49



East and West

by Chris Patten

Chris Patten writes frankly and directly, and for the first time, about his experiences as governor, about why he adopted the stance that he did, and about how he fought his battles. Anyone who was moved by the drama of 30 June will be riveted by the account given here of the events that led up to it.

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by Robert Harris

Archangel tells the story of four days in the life Fluke Kelso, a dissipated, middle-aged former Oxford historian, who is in Moscow to attend a conference on newly-opened Soviet archives. But what starts as an idle enquiry in the Lenin Library soon turns into a murderous chase across night-time Moscow and up to northern Russia — to the forests near the White Sea Port of Archangel, whEre the final secret of Josef Stalin has been hidden for almost half a century.

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