27 JULY 1867, Page 22

Outline Dictionary for the Use of Missionaries, Explorers, and Students

of Language. With an introduction by Max Muller. (Tritbner.)—The vocabulary consists of words marked by the letter denoting their class, and there is a blank left opposite for the missionary, explorer, or student to fill up, either with pen, pencil, pin-point, or splinter of wood. Professor Max Mailer's introduction is devoted to an adaptation of the English alphabet to various sounds, and the mode of reproducing them. To give any idea of the novelties introduced into the alphabet we should need a special fount of type, as it was once stated that a speech of Erskine's could not b3 printed till the case was replenished with capital I's. Bat we would advise any of our readers who may be in- terested in matters of pronunciation to read Professor Max Miiller's lucid statement of the process.