27 JULY 1867, Page 22

Parkin Jeffcock, Civil and Mining Engineer. A Memoir. By his

Brother, John Thomas Jeffcock. (Bemrose and Lothian.)—The name of Parkin Jeffcock will not have faded from the memory of those who read with painful interest the account of tho explosion in the Oaks Colliery, and if there had been no conspicuous event in the life related in this volume save the heroic manner in which that life was ended the volume would nevertheless have been worthy to be written. But the termination of Parkin Joffcock's life was in keeping with the whole course of it, and that demanded some memorial. The man's zeal and single-heartedness, his earnestness in doing good and his devotion of himself to the good of all who surrounded him, make up a character of which a brother might well be proud, and which may be held up to the emulation of all others.