27 JULY 1867, Page 3

Mr. Ayrton intends to propose, apropos of the Indian budget,

that no expenditure be sanctioned by the India House in Eng- -land without a parliamentary vote, and that Bengal be raised from a Lieutenant-Governorship into a Presidency, with a Governor appointed from home. We trust he will adhere to the second proposition, as nothing will go right in Bengal while it is governed by men trained solely in India, acting without a council. The councillors are of no use in themselves, but they compel the Governor to give reasons for his orders. The first proposal, on the other hand, goes, we fear, too far, for the Commons will not listen to an Indian debate a week. The true course would be to make any order for such increase illegal, unless it had lain on the table of the House for a month previous. Somebody is sure then to make an Indian nuisance of himself, with the best effect on Indian finance. A question a week is what is wanted, not a debate on supply.