27 JULY 1867, Page 3

The dealings in National Securities during the week have been

very limited, and prices ,Itave further given way. On Monday, Consols, for delivery, were done at 94k, t1- ; yesterday, the Three per Cents. closed at 94 to k for transfer, and 94k to for the account. Reduced and New 3 per Cents. left off at 93i, k ; Bank Stock, 256 to 258 ; India 5 per Cents., 111k to 111 ; India Bonds, 62s. to 66s. premium ; Exchequer Bills, 20s. to 27s. premium. The market for Foreign Bonds and Railway Shares has been extremely inactive, at depressed quotations. The Directors of the Bank of England have reduced their minimum rate for money to 2 per cent. The stock of bullion held here is 22,771,8641. The supply in the Bank of France is now 35,147,5281. The demand for accommodation has continued heavy, and in the open market the best short bills are done at it per cent.