27 MAY 1882, Page 1


THE situation in Egypt was on Friday more strained than ever. On the arrival of the English and French squad- rons off Alexandria, Arabi Pasha and the French Consul. General had an interview, which ended in no result. The War Minister was requested to go into exile for a year on full pay, and in return offered to resign his civil appointments, but not his military command, if the squadrons would previously go away ! Between suggestions so irreconcilable no third coarse could be found, and Arabi, with the rest of the Ministry, decided on armed resistance. Money was obtained from the managers of the property devoted to religion, the reserves were called up, and the officers were induced to take an oath binding them to resist intervention. Arabi also threatened to arrest the Khedive, as a traitor to Islam, and opened fresh negotiations with the Sultan, to whom alone he says he is willing to submit. The excitement among the Europeans in Egypt is very great, as they fear that if a shot is fired, Arabi may allow a massacre, which would pledge his troops beyond repentance. There is, however, no sign as yet that massacre is part of his plan.