27 MAY 1882, Page 1

The second reading was carried by 383 votes against 45,

and amongst the 45 the party of Mr. Parnell numbered only about twenty. A considerable number of the moderate Irish party, however, including Members like Mr. C. Russell, Mr. Shaw, Mr. O'Connor Power, &c., voted in the minority, together with nine English Members, including Mr. Dillwyn, Sir Wilfrid. Lawson, Mr. Labouchere, dre., who were not satisfied of the willingness of the Government to modify sufficiently the powers of arbitrary arrest and of interference with the Irish Press, granted by the Bill. Perhaps that was the simplest way of ex- pressing the fundamental objection felt for some of its pro- visions, but many who, like Mr. Bryce, entertained these objec- tions, preferred to give no vote on the Bill, but to reserve their opposition for Committee.