27 MAY 1882, Page 2

The Government of Russia is taking serious steps to prevent

the further persecution of the Jews. It has issued peremptory orders to all Governors to use military force both in preventing and punishing outrages, and has issued them in such a form as to secure immediate obedience. The Governor-General of Kieff, for example, hearing rumours of a new outbreak, has placarded a proclamation stating that soldiers will be used to prevent it, and that all offenders will be tried by court-martial. At the same time, orders have been issued that Jews living in the country, but not " settled " there, must come into the cities and villages, and cancelling all contracts to let them houses. The order will create much hardship, though its object is probably protection which it is easier to give in the garrisoned cities ; but it will not affect the Jew peasants, who are considered "settled." 'The moment is not perhaps opportune, but the final order re- quired is one declaring all Jews ordinary Russians, just as we believe Armenians living in Russian provinces already are.