27 MAY 1882, Page 24

Codex Cottonienus. Edited by F. W. Gotcb, M.A., LL.D. (Williams

and Norgate.)—Dr. Gotcb, President of the Baptist College at Bristol, has edited here some fragments of the Cotton MS. of the Septuagint, destroyed by fire in 1731. These had found their way into the possession of Dr. Gifford, formerly Assistant-Librarian of the British Museum, and were bequeathed by him to the Baptist College. They supplement the edition published by Dr. Tischendorff. All the frag-

ments belong to the Book of Genesis. Disinterested labours of this kind, involving an amount of toil wholly out of proportion to any recognition they can receive, deserve all the commendation that can be given to them.