27 MAY 1882, Page 24

We have received from Messrs. T. and T. Clark the

third and fourth volumes of A System of Christian Doctrine, by Dr. F. A. Dormer (of Berlin), the translation being the joint work of Professor Cave (of Hackney College) and Professor Banks (of the Wesleyan College, Leeds). We cannot speak in detail of the merits of this admirable work. Its reputation is, indeed, well established, but we may refer all those who would see a specimen of calm and judicial treatment of a most difficult subject to the concluding chapter of the fourth volume, " The Doctrine of the Last Things ; or, the Consum- mation of the Church and the Kingdom of God." It is a mode/ of clearness and candour. We may quote a passage* from the chapter that deals with another and kindred subject :—" The descent into Hades expresses the universality of Christ's significance, even in respect to former generations and the entire kingdom of the dead. The distinction between earlier and later generations, between the time of ignorance and the time when he is known, is done away by Christ. No physical power is a limit to him. The future world, like the present, is the scene of his activity."—We have also to notice The Apocalypse, with a Commentary, by the Rev. Edward Huntingford, D.C.L. (Began Paul, Trench, and! Co.)—It would be beyond our province to deal with this elaborate work in detail. We may briefly say that Dr. Hnntingford is an anti- Papal and mainly futurist interpreter.—Dr. W. R. Bergen publishes, his second volume of Notes (Chiefly Critical and Philological) on the- Hebrew Psalms (Williams and Norgate). Psalms lxix.-cl. are included in the volume.—We have received The Unity and Harmony of God's Word, as Found in the Bible, the World, and Man, by J. Coates (Pitman) ;. an Exposition of the Gospel of St. John, by R. Govett, Vol. I. (Bern- rose and Sons) ; Religion and Philosophy in Germany, by Heinrich Heine, translated by John Snodgrass (Triibner and Co.) ; and The- Great Problem, or Christianity As It Is, by a Student of Science (Religious Tract Society).