27 MAY 1882, Page 3

Lord Carnarvon, in a speech at Hanley, after strongly cen-

suring the conduct of the Ministry in Ireland—they were always, he said, too late—affirmed that "great and honoured names were withdrawing from their allegiance to Mr. Gladstone. In the club, the railway-carriage, the market-place, the same picture presented itself. Literature, science, the professions, property, education, intelligence, were all crying off from the Government." That is the kind of thing said all over London, but where is the proof of it all ? The richest Peers—Russells, Cavendishes, Grosvenors—actively support the Cabinet. In the Commons, even Lord Carnarvon would hardly deny that the balance of intellectual weight was on their aide. As to science, it is at least equally divided. As to education, we venture to say that if Scotland is included, a clear majority of Graduates are liberal; while, as to the market-place, Consols are rising to unprecedented figures. Does Lord Carnarvon seriously believe that if the City, which is, no doubt, Tory—as ignorant money always is—really believed that "the ship of the State was about to founder," it would send up all securities to their present exaggerated price ? Why, Stock in the Bank of Ireland is selling at 319, or higher than stock of the Bank of England !