27 MAY 1882, Page 3

The Trish in America are making very determined efforts to

remove Mr. Lowell, the -United States Minister in London. A petition, signed by 100,000 Irishmen, has gone up to the Presi- dent, and it is believed that the whole vote of the Irish at the November elections will be governed by his reply. A great many politicians are, therefore, anxious that it should be favour- able ; and there is a rumour that President Arthur, though friendly to Mr. Lowell, would be glad of an excuse to send Mr. Frelinghnysen to London, and appoint Mr. Conkling Secretary of State. On the other hand, the native Americans and the Germans, who together outnumber the Irish by fifteen to one, cannot endure to see their national policy subordinated to Irish intrigues, and if the President yields, the Senate may disallow his nominations. Of course, Mr. Lowell's merits or demerits have nothing to do with the matter. He has obeyed his instructions, and obtained the release of his countrymen, when a man with less tact would have failed. The object of the Irish is, however, to secure as Ambassador a man without good qualities, who might embroil the two countries, and so create a possibility of. a rising in Ireland.