28 AUGUST 1880, Page 1


THE Afghan news is far from pleasant. First, we hear of a sally from Candahar, on the east side, on the 16th, which cost us seven officers, a chaplain, and 180 men all killed, and five officers wounded. The sally is re- ported. as successful, because it destroyed a battery which the garrison had found inconvenient ; but it was a success very heavily paid for, if it was a success at all. Then the Standard has news from Chama.n, apparently quite trustworthy, that there is a mutiny among the Khan of Khelat's troops, and that a wing of the 78th Highlanders has been detached to assist the Khan. It is perfectly clear that A.youb has got before Candahar a very strong and well-disciplined army, daily increased by crowds of volunteer fanatics, of whom it is impossible to dispose as even the best Hin- doo troops might be disposed of. General Roberts will probably have to force his way to Candahar at considerable cost ; and General Phayre will, we fear, be delayed in pressing on by the troubles in his rear. Also, the Suleiman Kakars are gathering like flies about the Khojak Pass, to prevent General Phayre's advance. The only favourable rumour is that Ayoub is short of ammunition, and has sent for more to Herat, but that is nothing but a rumour. On the whole, the situation is un- doubtedly grave.