28 AUGUST 1880, Page 1

The time for the Porte's cession to Montenegro is up,

and Dulcigno is not surrendered, and the Naval demonstration has not taken place. There is, however, some appearance that this joint demonstration will really come off, and that it will mean business when it does. The Powers have declined the Porte's proposals in relation to Greece, and in a Collective Note to the Porte insist on the boundary agreed upon at the Conference of Berlin, though they are will- ing to accept any mode which the Porte may prefer of making the requisite surrender. On the whole, we hope that Europe is standing firm, though paying out to Turkey more line than we had wished to see. In the meantime, there is significant talk at Constantinople of a growing feeling amongst the Afussul- mans of disloyalty to the reigning House, and a wish for the dethronement of the Sultan. No doubt, the actual cession of territory will cause a crisis formidable to the Sultanet.