28 AUGUST 1880, Page 2

Parliament is to meet to-day, to go into Committee on

the Burials Bill. We regret to hear that the Government are not likely to accept Mr. Illingworth's amendment substituting "any Christian or orderly service" for " Christian and orderly service ;" but if the Liberals are in earnest, might not the Government be outvoted? We feel very strongly indeed that to leave this wretched rag of protection against orderly services that are not Christian, is to give non-Christians a grievance, and to give them one without a principle to justify it, without the smallest profit to Christianity, and therefore, in all proba- bility, with considerable profit to the foes of Christianity. We have never seen the shadow of an excuse for this mischievous little remnant. of an utterly exploded system. Mr. Collings would do well to facilitate progress by withdrawing his resolu- tion and supporting Mr. Illingworth.