28 AUGUST 1880, Page 20

Alan Dering. By the Hon. Mrs. Fetherstonhaugh. 2 vols. (Beztley.)—We

have a favourable recollection of " Kilcorran," which

was, if we remember right, Mrs. Fetherstonhaugh's first novel; but

we can say nothing for Alan Dering. The author might at least have taken the pains to construct her plot a little more carefully. A

marriage is not invalid if one of the parties uses a false name, as long as the other acts in god-faith. All the tragedy of Geoffrey Dumaresque and Madge is built upon nothing. As for the hero's story, it is tiresome in the extreme. His love-affairs can interest no one, and though we are led to expect some subtle drawing of char- acter, his character seems absolutely common-place.