28 JULY 1855, Page 10

The remains of Lord Raglan were buried at Badminton on

Thursday. The body lay in state in the great hall of Badminton House, guarded by soldiers of the Gloucestershire Hussars. The • orders and medale, the sword, the baton, the hat of the late Marshal, were displayed on velvet cushions at its head. The windows of the ball were darkened, and the apartment was lighted with wax candles. A goodly number of the gen- try of the county and the Beaufort tenantry were admitted to pay a last respect to the dead. In the funeral procession to the church, the coffin was carried by twelve men of the Gloucestershire Hussars, and the pall upheld by the Duke of Richmond, Major-General Cater, Lieutenant-Ge- neral Sir George Scovell, General Sir Hew Ross, Earl Howe, Lieutenant- General Sir John Burgoyne, Lieutenant-General Sir George Brown, and General Lord Downes. The present Lord Raglan was chief mourner, and many members of the Beaufort family, and intimate friends, fol- lowed the coffin. When it was lowered into the vault, Lord Raglan threw in the wreath of " immortelles" placed on the coffin by General Pelissier in the Crimea, and it was buried with the remains of his com- rade in arms.