28 JULY 1855, Page 11


The half-yearly meeting of the London, Brighton, and South Coast Company, took place yesterday. A falling-off in the traffic receipts was announced, the earnings being lees by 82781. for the last half-year than for the same period of 1854. This arose from the decrease in the number of visitors to the Crystal Palace, and in the number of working people employed in the vicinity. The East Grinstead line was opened on the 9th. The Brighton Company had made arrangements with the East Grinstead Company to work the line so as to produce 20001. per annum, and the option of purchasing it for 50,0001. A dividend was declared of 21. 2s. per cent on the ordinary stock, payable on the 6th of August. At the meeting on the 10th of August the Directors of the London and South-Western Company will recommend a dividend for the half-year at the rate of 41. 7a. 6d. per cent per annum.

The Commissioners to inquire into the Decimal Coinage question will be Lord Monteagle, Lord Overdone, and Mr. Hubbard, late Governor of the Bank of England.

Mr. C. Tindal, hitherto manager of the Birmingham branch, is to be the manager of the new West-end branch of the Bank of England, at Uxbridge House.

The banking premises of Strahan and Co., consisting of two freehold houses in the Strand, were sold by auction on Monday : the purchasers were the London and Westminster Bank, for 20,000!.