28 JULY 1855, Page 11



The English Funds-have been very quiet this week,, and little disposition has existed for speculative operations, chiefly on account of the absence of news,, theuncertainty of the amount required on this side for the French Loan, and a fear that the strong opposition to the Government last Friday on the Turkish Loan Bill might lead to political difficulties. Consols have fluctuated between 90} and 91k. Today they close 90f k. India Stock has improved 1, and Exchequer Bills Is.

It is expected in Paristhat the applications for the French. Loan will amount to 100,000,000!., but that the subscribers under 50 franca Rente are not likely to absorb the whole. When the allotment is completed, the re- mittances of gold to Paris- are likely to be discontinued. The French rate of exchange exhibits *tendency to firmness.

Money has been more in demand on the Stock Exchange, owing to the deposits paid on the English applications for the French Loan, the lista for which closed yesterday. The advicea this week of the gold production in Australia have been more favourable. The amount received yesterday from that country was valued at 545,00W. The other arrivals have comprised 195,000/. from New York, 265,0001. from the West Indies, and 48001. from Lisbon and Oporto. Foreign. Stocks have been well maintained, and a further advance of 3 per cent has taken place in Peruvian, through a notice from the Minister of that country in London that the redemption fund of the debt is to be in- creased beyond the extent previously advertised : on the Active Bonds it will be 5 instead of 4; on the Deferred 3 instead of 21-per cent. The holders of Turkish have displayed some anxiety on account of the small. majority for the Government last week, regarding the guarantee, and the future sue- cess of the bill will be closely watched. Some of the cautious holders have been selling, and-the stock once declined rather more than 1 per cent. Yes- terday it was done at 89k. Today more confidence has been felt, as the bill was read a second time last night ; and the stock leaves off at 90f f. Dutch,. Russian, and Sardinian, are 1 better, Austrian and Buenos Ayres are 1' lower.

In Railways very little movement has been exhibited ; the principal busi- ness has consisted in salea, particularly when rumours have been unfavour- able to forthcoming dividends. Compared with last week the difference in most cases is trifling. London and South-Western is 100., and Lancashire and Yorkshire 5s. higher; East Lancashire has fallen 21., and Great North- ern, 10s.—Great Western, London and North-Western, and Midland, are the same as last week. The French descriptions are slightly lower in some instances.


The English Funds are k lower this morning, owing to the large decrease in the bullion return by the Bank of England, amounting to 684,7441. Con- sols for Money are rather dearer then for Account, being 908 k and 90R f- respeetively—Exchequer Bills 20 4,. In Foreign Stocks there is not the least change ; Turkish is steady at 90* f. Railways present no symptoms of re- covery—Aberdeen, 22+; Caledonian, 63 ; Eastern Counties, llk ;. Great Western, 651; Landon and North-Western, 98; Midland, 691, - 1


The English Funds are a shade better, and Consols, for both Money and Account are 90; k. Exchequer Bills 20 4 ; Exchequer Bonds 1858 have , been done at 1001 1. Foreign Stocks have continued very steady. Turkish has been dealt in at 90f * f.

In Railways little alteration has occurred ; and the dealers have been preparing for the settlement of the Account on Monday—Aberdeen, 22+; Caledonian, 62f ; Eastern Counties, 11 k ; Great Northern, 90 ; Ditto A Stock, 66 ; Ditto B Stock, 125f ; Great Western, 66; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 80k ; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 101k ; London and North- Western, 981 ; London and South-Western, 86f ; Midland, 70 ; North- Eastern—Berwick, 73.; Ditto G. N. E. Purchase, 9}; Ditto York, 481 ; North Staffordshire, Ilk; South-Eastern, GO}, Caledonian, 101., 92k ; Great Western Convertible and Redeemable 41 per Cent, 96k ; East Indian Extension, 13k ; Great Western of Canada, 22?; Great Luxem- bourg Constituted Shares, 31 ; Lyons and Geneva, 16k; Northern of France 20/. Shares, late Charleroi and Erquelinee, 12f ; Royal Danish, 201 ; Scinde, 71; Western of France, aol. Mines—Anglo-Californian, 1; Cobre Copper, 64; New Granada, k ; United Mexican, h. Joint Stock Banks--Austral- agien, 86/ ; London and Westminster, 48f ; Union of Australia, 74 ; Ditto New, 81. Miscellanous—Australian Agricultural, 29; Crystal Palace, 3; Ditto Preference, 5f ; South Australian Land, 36?.

8 63 5 213 21 us 7

80 2 57 9 43 5 100 2 89 91 363 71 184 19 88 5 87 90

90 Danish 3 per Cents 903 1 Dutch 24 per Cents

Ditto 4 per Cents ..... tiq

92J Mexican Mexican 3 per Cents


Peruvian 44 per Cents 214 15 Ditto 3 per Gents 20 4 Portuguese 4 per Cents 232 4 Russian 5 per Cents 81 3 Ditto 44 per Cents 100 2 Spanish 3 per Cents 93 5 Ditto Deferred 103 5 Sardinian 5 per Cents

,.. 102 4

Swedish 4 per Cents

3 per Cent Consols .

Ditto for Account 3 per Cent Reduced

New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock ......,... Exchequer Bills India Stock Austrian 5 per Cents Brazilian 5 per Cents ... Belgian 44 per Cents Chilian 6 per Cents

Danish 5 per Cents ......