28 JULY 1855, Page 7


A Wexford paper reports the appearance of the potato disease in some parts ; but the mischief does not appear to be extensive as yet.

Mr. John Dalton, the architect charged with forging the Marquis of Waterford's name to bills for 18501., pleaded guilty at the Tipperary Assizes. Several witnesses gave him a good character ; and he put in an affidavit alleging that he had lost large sums by contracts with the Bond of Ordnance, which led to his wrongdoing, and that he had hoped to redeem the false bills before they arrived at maturity. The sentence was four years' penal servitude.

Donegal has produced a peculiar " manslaughter " case this week as well as London. John Morrow, excited at once by intoxication and jealousy, at- tacked his wife, and seized her by the hair; a boy tried to release his mother by cutting with wool-shears the hair grasped by the drunkard ; Morrow got hold of the shears, stabbed his wife with them fourteen times, cut the sinews of her leg, and beat in her skulL The murderer then went to bed, and slept for the rest of the night. A Coroner's fury pronounced his crime " Manslaughter " !