28 MARCH 1931, Page 17

A Hundred Years Ago THE "SPECTATOR," MA.RCH 26TH, 1831.


The Austrians meet with no resistance to their progress in Italy At Novi there was a show of resistance, and but a show. The vanguard of the Imperialists entered Modena on the 9th. The Vienna journals speak of the Italian insurgents as extremely good - natured, and very. averse from bloodshed. The cowardice and bravado of these people, it would appear, are sufficient to move even Austrian phlegm to laughter. The French do not intend to interpose between the Austrians and the Italians. The Austrians justify their interference by the French invasion of Spain in 1822, and by the late admissions of Lord Pahnerston in the debate on the Belgian question. These repartees—what a world of mischief they occasion.