28 MARCH 1931, Page 18

* * * *

During the past month the books most in demand at the Times Book Club have been :— Nox-Ficriox :—Men and Memories, by William Rothen- stein ; Green Hell, by Julian Duguid ; The Life of the Empress Eugene, by Robert Sencourt ; The Memoirs of Marshal Foch, translated by Colonel T. Bentley Mott ; India, the Land of the Black Pagoda, by . Thomas Lowell ; Rolling Home, by Captain William Morris Barnes ; The Navies of To-day and To-morrow, by Captain Bernard Acworth ; Modern Germanics, by Cicily Hamilton.

FICTION.—Above the Dark Circus, *by Hugh Walpole ; The History of Susan Spray, by Sheila Kaye-Smith ; Tobit Trans- planted, by Stella Benson ; Dermott's Rampant, by Stephen McKenna ; Albert Grope, by F. 0. Mann ; The Five Red Herrings,. by Dorothy -Li- Sayers ; Into the Land of Nod, by Horace A. Vachell.