28 MARCH 1931, Page 38

• General Knowledge Questions

OUR. weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen questions i submitted s awarded this week to B. G. H. Wormald, The Rectory, Solihull; Warwickshire:

- Questions on Cardinals I. Which Cardinal is 'famous for his method of extortion by a dilemma ? What is it called ?

- 2.-Who was made- -a-Cardinal in the. hope- that it would save hint from execution? Did the plan have the desired effect 3.. The Swiss-lost the-Battle of Marignano in 1515, and their military reputation_ as_well,..._Who was their...priestly leader. 4. 4. Who was suggested as a suitable husband for a Queen of England, since he had a claim to the throne himself ? The fact that he was -a Cardinal was overlooked as there, was doubt about the validity' of his oblinationiDeacon 1536, Priest 1556).

5. Who was very snccessful in making a King of Spain leave his dominions to a Frenchman ? , 6. Which Cardinal was Archbishop of Canterbury after the Reformation ? , 7. Which Cardinal had to adopt an ecclesiastical instead of a military career, because his elder brother became seriously religious ?

8. Whom did the Duke of Buckingham calla "-holy fox, or wolf, or both " ? Where is this recorded ?

9. Of whom did Urban .VIII say : "If there is a god, he will pay dearly for his conduct, but if there is nct god, he was fruly an

admirable man " ? • - - - - - - • _

10. Who ruined himself at gambling, then tried a doctor's, a soldier's and a diplomat's, profession in turn; Only to ehd by becoming a Cardinal and ruler of France ? Who—also a Cardinal

–:called him " Pantaloon " ? •

11. "He was full of duplicity and artifice," said Voltaire. Who was this shameless priest who rent the Polish Diet with his intrigues while the country was threatened by Charles XII .of Sweden ?

12. Which Cardinal was proclaimed King of France.? By whom ? .13. Which Cardinal was an Old Harrovian!

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