28 MARCH 1931, Page 44

- Motoring Notes

The 15hp. Armstrong-Siddeley

THE company makes four models ; of 12, 15, 20 and 30 h.p. The car sent for report was the 15 h.p. coachbuilt saloon ; this, with a sunshine roof and full equipment and capable of holding five passengers, costs 1425.

It is a strong, well built family car, with an adequate performance, presenting no startling innovations apart from a novel and very simple gear change which I will describe in detail. The petrol consumption is given as 22 m.p.g., and with centralized lubrication and silent block bushes, the cost and troubles of maintenance are reduced to the minimum. The engine and mechanism generally are straightforward and simple, with components such as the magneto readily access- ible, and should require of the owner little mechanical know- ledge to run successfully.