28 OCTOBER 1876, Page 2

Lord Carnarvon received on Thursday a deputation of influ- ential

men connected with South Africa, who wished to press on him the new necessity for confederation created by the dis- turbances in the Transvaal. He told them that the Government were well aware of the danger created by the regrettable conduct

of the authorities in the Transvaal, and had strengthened the force in Natal by the addition of another regiment. He had, moreover, removed the quarrel existing between the Orange River Free State and Griqualand, and he hoped yet to see the population of the Transvaal agree to confederation. Her Majesty's Government thought that project more neces- sary than ever, while discussion had removed much of the prejudice against it ; and he had therefore prepared the outlines of a Permissive Bill, enabling any colony in South Africa to enter the Confederation. This outline would be pub- lished in South Africa for the consideration of the colonists, upon whom the Colonial Office desired to exercise no pressure. His measure, while binding the colonies more closely together, would preserve their individuality and their traditions as far as possible.