28 OCTOBER 1876, Page 2

The Times of Tuesday published a translation from an article

in the Golos, of St. Petersburg, in which the whole of Mr. Disraeli's, conduct in the East is explained by an allegation that he wished to make millions by jobbing in securities, and consequently shaped his policy so as to make them rise and fall. His confederates in this design have been MM. Erlanger and Co., and the profits have already been very large. The article appears to have been translated in England as a proof of the hatred against this country entertained in St. Petersburg, but it indicates far more clearly the deep belief in the corruption of all officials which prevails- in Russian society, not without too much reason. Indeed, the Editor of the Gobs, if too hardly pressed, might defend himself by declaring that he had intended an obscure compliment to Lord Beaconsfield. He had meant to show that he thought him worthy to be a Russian. Seriously, the article shows a degree of inca- pacity in Russia for understanding gnglish ways and English politicians which is most unfortunate, at a moment when the two countries have nearly common interests, if they only saw them.