29 APRIL 1899, Page 12

Messrs. Nelson publish an edition of the Bible, to which

is appended an Illustrated Bible Treasury, edited by William Wright, D.D. (7s. Gd.) They have been able to secure the services of a number of distinguished contributors, among whose names we find those of Sir Charles Wilson, Professor Sayce, Colonel Conder, Canons Tristram and Bonney, Professors A. B. Davidson, J. Robertson, G. Adam Smith, J. Rendel Harris, W. M. Ramsay, and J. F. McCurdy. Professor Sayce writes on "The Monumental Testimony to the Old Testament " ; Professor Robertson furnishes introductions to the Old Testament Books Genesis—Esther; Pro- fessor Davidson does the same for Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Canticles ; Professor Beecher for the greater Prophets and Daniel ; and Professor McCurdy for the minor. In the New Testament the introduction to the Gospels is contributed by Professor Riddle. Professor W. M. Ramsay writes on the Acts; Professor Marcus Dods on the Pauline Epistles, excepting the Pastoral Epistles, by Dr. T. W. Chambers. Sir C. Wilson writes on "The Travels of St. Paul," and Professor G. Adam Smith on a subject which he has made peculiarly his own,—the geography, historical and physical, of Palestine. But it is needless to prolong the list; examples enough have been given to show what pains have been taken to secure competent contributors. No little prudence and tact are needed for these helps to the student of the Bible. Much is still uncertain ; some things are fairly well established, yet are better left in the background. What is certainly reprehensible is the attempt to bolster up theories which have been practically abandoned. On the whole, we find the Bible Treasury to have been put together with judgment. The illustrations are plenti- ful and good.