29 APRIL 1899, Page 13

Apostolic Christianity. By H. Hensley Henson. (Methuen and Co. 6s.)—We

cannot accept all Mr. Henson's theology. In more than one place he draws conclusions which his premises, we think, do not warrant. It is a curious instance of this that Mr. Henson sees the foundation of what may be called "High" doctrine of the Holy Communion in St. John vi., the very chapter on which Zwingli largely relied for his own very different theory. Of Confession Mr. Henson speaks with much good sense, though we doubt whether he is not too much disposed to favour the regular practice of it. From the regular to the compulsory

there is but a step. The present haphazard practice is most un- desirable; still, we most, strongly object to the establishment of a regularly qualified order of Confessors or Directors. But whatever the subject, we shall be sure of finding a forcible, well- reasoned statement.