29 APRIL 1899, Page 14

John Kebles Perishes. By Charlotte M. Yonge. (Macmillan and Co.

8s. 6d. net.)—Miss C. bi.:Yonge, who describes herself as "an old inhabitant," tells much that is highly interesting about the parishes of Hurley and Otterbourne, their history, secular and religious, and various people who have owned or inhabited houses in them. These persons, indeed, have more than once been of no common sort. At Hurley, for instance, there was a colony of Cromwelle in the seventeenth andeighteenth centuries, and it had its golden days not very long ago when Sir William Heath- cote was at the manor and John Keble at the vicarage. Miss Yonge's volume is full of noteworthy traditions, reminiscences, and descriptions, and it is - completed by chapters on the natural history of the region.