29 APRIL 1899, Page 17

The unrest in the Transvaal, which is bound to exist

as long as the Outlanders are left without the vote and the ordinary rights of free . men, has been brought into prominence this week by the attack made upon Mr. Moneypenny, correspondent of the Times, who lately went to Johannesburg to edit a paper called the Star, owned, it is stated, by a group of Rhodesian capitalists. It appears from the telegrams that a Mr. Theron, a solicitor, was greatly annoyed at an article in the Star, and instead of issuing a writ, went to the office and assaulted Mr. Moneypenny, breaking his eyeglass. Though we may not agree with Mr. Moneypenny's views as to South Africa, we must be allowed to express our sympathy with him in regard to this ruffianly attack. Mr. Moneypenny is a most accomplished journalist, a man of marked sobriety of judgment, and of good taste as well as good sense, and it is quite impossible to believe that he wrote anything which would justify his assailant. Mr. Theron, it should be added, was promptly brought before a Magistrate, and fined £20, and the Star office is now guarded by the police. In this case, at any rate, it does not seem as if the Boer Executive and Magistracy could be accused of acting with unfairness or lack of promptitude.